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Optimization / Simplicity

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The volume of data generated by monitoring, virtualization and network operations tools continues to increase at a pace not matched by decision management tools. It is imperative that this BIG DATA challenge be deciphered in a contextual manner if we are to achieve some level of IT Optimization. The Configuration Management System (CMS) is a mere example of how volumes of detailed data from across the IT environment can be linked together, based on its relationships, to deliver value and the decision making capability as part of your IT Optimization efforts.

K2 Solutions Group is working with Big Data and meta data modeling industry leaders to ensure that the solutions we offer to our client partners not only provide a simplified view of their environment but also that they lead to sustainable cost reduction opportunities.

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Operational Efficiency / Sustainability

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We at K2 Solutions Group believe that Operational Efficiency movements should become part of the normal IT Service Management processes rather than afterthoughts. These encompass both  Organizational Change efforts and Green IT/Sustainability opportunities. We recognize that new technologies cannot be implemented without factoring in both positive and negative cost implications.  This is why we are taking a leadership role in the integration of GreenIT movements with the IT Service Management community and factoring them into our Organizational Change efforts wherever applicable.

We believe that by working closely with the industry organizations and government agencies as we do, we can ensure that the solutions deployed by K2 Solutions Group will enable our client partners to take full advantage of the advances being made in these areas.

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Service Management Solutions


Founded by the co-author of "The CMDB Imperative: How to realize the dream and avoid the nightmare" K2 Solutions Group, Inc. has based it's methodology on common sense and more than 25 years of experience in Fortune 100 organizations and Government Agenices. We don't work with you to implement Best Practice because doing so will mean that you will be executing what your competitors already did well before you. We work with you on the "Right Practice" which will help you leapfrog them and provide a competitive advantage to your business partners.

Our solution & assessment methodology and architectural approach is grounded in the practical understanding that although there are many commonalities, not all organizations are trying to resolve the same problems nor have the same challenges. Our success is predominantly based on the fact that we seek to ensure that practicality and reality are always fundamental components to all of our solutions and organizational change efforts.

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Leadership K2

Solutions recognizes that not all managers are always ready or equipped to become leaders without the support of those who have traveled the routes before them.

Regardless of the journey, we all have needed leaders and guides to help us reach our destination at some point in time. Whether you are embarking on a journey to implement and adopt Service Management, an effort to incorporate sustainability and green concepts into your processes and systems or just trying to transform your data into information that is simpler to leverage such as is the case with the CMS, the leaders at K2 Solutions Group can help you.


blue IT Service Management / Industry adopted IT Process Frameworks
blue Sustainability and Green initiatives
blue Simplification: Configuration Management System (CMS) / CMDB
blue Business Process Design and Optimization

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    Partnership K2

    Solutions believes that only with strong partners can anyone succeed. It is for this reason that we view those whom we work with as client-partners and solution-partners.  We are all partners on the same journey to the summit.

    Only with strong partners can anyone succeed. It is for this reason that we view those whom we work with as client-partners and solution-partners. We do not seek to become all things to all organizations and prefer to focus on our speciality of helping our client-partners to transform data into actionable information by leveraging the implementaiton and efficient operation of the CMS. We believe that, remaining focused helps deliver the best quality and most cost effective solution to our client-partners. Where appropriate, we will partner with other organizations that we feel are the best in their respective disciplines in order to ensure the best possible results for our clients.


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    EducationTools K2

    Solutions understands that you need the right tool for the right job. This is why we are always expanding our educational curriculum beyond the standard IT process framework courses into other ITSM areas as well.

    K2 Solutions Group offers some of the most diverse IT process framework training options available today and continues to expand the available curriculum into new areas. This will enable us to deliver the highest quality and most cost effective training solutions available so that we can meet all of your training needs.

    blue Classrom training on-site at your corporate location or at one of our public sites
    blue Remote training via webcast**
    blue Mentored Training & Pre/Post Training Support by one of our mentors
    **Our remote webcast training offerings are certified courses and approved by APMG. This permits you to go for your certfication exam unlike other remote training courses.

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      K2 Solutions in the News


      Prentice Hall - Pearson Education


      Co-authored by K2 Solutions Group founder, Carlos Casanova and Industry Leading Analyst from Forrester Research, Glenn O'Donnell

      Who are we?

      K2 Solutions Group, Inc. is a Service Management (ITSM) enablement firm specializing in the transformation of data into actionable information by leveraging the implementation and efficient operation of Configuration Management Systems (CMS). We have enabled modern-day IT Service Management initiatives by evangelizing, architecting, designing and implementing solutions that are leading the industry in their forward looking approach.

      We are vigilant about maintaining our thought leadership role by always looking at the next wave of demands that will be placed upon the CMS such as predictive adaptation and Sustainable Service Management. The leadership at K2 Solutions Group recognizes that Service Management and CMS/CMDB initiatives must meet current day needs but nearly two decades of experience has taught us that today's needs are being met by yesterdays designs.  This is why our thought leaders are hard at work today designing the solutions of tomorrow.

      Leading the ascent to the Peak of Service Management

      Education Specials

      We are excited to announce our partnership with the premier global provider of IT Process Framework training content. K2 Solutions Group, Inc. will now be able to deliver a wide variety of educational offerings ranging from traditional classroom courses or our most exciting and cost effective offering which is the delivery of Internet based IT process framework courses. The content of both offerings are accredited by ISEB, EXIN and CSME which means you can take your certification exam without incurring the costs of attending a course in person or the costs associated with traveling to the course location. Our remote training offerings are nearly 75% below the cost of the traditional courses being offered by other vendors.

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